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Village of Matteson
4900 Village Commons
Matteson, IL 60443
United States

Law Enforcement / Military
Application Closing Date
From $71,650 To $104,465
Per Year    
Employment Type
Full Time

Job Description
Village of Matteson
Attn: Human Resources
4900 Village Commons
Matteson, IL 60443
Phone: 708-283-4949 or 708-283-4910
Sworn: 33
Population: 19,000+
Application Deadline: 7/5/24
Salary: The competitive salary range for Firefighter Paramedic starts at $71,650 and progresses up to $104,465
Time Off: Eleven (11) Kelly Days and two (2) personal days for 24-hour shift employees per fiscal year.
Sick Leave: Six (6) days earned for 24-hour shift employees per fiscal year. Unused sick leave may be accumulated without limitation.
Years of Service Yearly Vacation Time
*1-4 144 hours
*5-9 192 hours
*10-19 240 hours
*20+ 312 hours
Pay Periods: The Village pay periods are bi-weekly on Fridays, 1/26th of annual salary, plus overtime worked.
Insurance: The Village offers comprehensive health and dental insurance, vision plan and life insurance coverage (1x base salary).
Pension Plan: Each FF/PM participates in the Matteson Firefighters Pension Fund (40 ILCS 5-4), which is governed by its own Board of Trustees and monitored by the State of Illinois. As such, each FF/PM contributes 9.455% of salary to the Fund on a pretax basis. Fire Department personnel must also contribute to Social Security at a total rate of 6.2%.
Optional Employee Benefits:
*Deferred Compensation Plan
*Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
*School Pay
*Sick Leave Buy Back
Bargaining Unit: Firefighter/Paramedics are represented by the Associated Firefighters of Matteson Local 3086 of the International Association of Firefighters.
The Mission Statement of the Matteson Fire Department is “To provide effective fire prevention, suppression, emergency medical and administrative services to our constituents ensuring the highest level of public protection possible.”
If you have a strong desire to be a part of a department that lives by its mission, then you will want to be a part of the Matteson Fire Department.
The Matteson Fire Department is now accepting applications and testing for Firefighter/Paramedics.
The Village of Matteson desires to hire individuals who currently possess their paramedic certification or who are currently enrolled in an IDPH paramedic program.
If you are placed on the Final Eligibility List, Certified Firefighter/Paramedic candidates or candidates currently enrolled in an IDPH paramedic program, will be selected to move through the process before non-certified Firefighters. See minimum requirements below.
To apply for this position and to complete the attached Firefighter/Paramedic Application and the Fire Department Release Form, you must visit the Village of Matteson website at:
The Application, Release Form and proof of birth date should be submitted to:
To submit your application and release form, you must save them to a separate file before sending.
The website will provide you with a detailed job description and information regarding wages and benefits, the written examination and steps in the hiring and selection process.
If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at:
708-283-4910 or 708-283-4949
Written Test:
The written test will include two (2) parts: an orientation and the written test. You must have a minimum score of 70 to pass the written test (and move on to the oral interview). The written test will account for 70% of your total score.
The orientation and written test will be conducted at the Matteson Community Center on Saturday, July 13, 2024, at 9:00 AM (Registration begins at 8:30 AM).
You must register and receive confirmation for the written examination. Information on how to register for the written examination will be sent to you after receipt of your completed application.
Candidate Preparation Material and Practice Test are available at no charge.
Oral Interview:
The oral test will assess a candidate’s ability to communicate his or her judgment, emotional stability, self-confidence, speaking, social skills and general fitness for the position. The oral interview will account for 30% of your total score.
The oral interviews will be conducted at the Matteson Village Hall on Tuesday, July 23, 2024, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
In-Depth Background Investigation:
Candidates must be of good moral character and will be subject to a thorough background investigation including, but not limited to, police records check, credit check, work history, inquiries of neighbors and relatives, work history and other references. Candidates may be eliminated from the process at any time based on information obtained from the background investigation.
Final Eligibility Register:
Candidates who are successful with the written test and oral interview will be placed on the Final Eligibility Register.
Physical, Drug Screen, and Psychological Evaluation:
Candidates selected from the Final Eligibility Register must pass a physical examination, drug screen, and psychological evaluation. Final appointment is contingent upon passing all these components.
The Village of Matteson (pronounced Mat-te-sun) is a thriving community that is conveniently located off of I-57, just 30 minutes from downtown Chicago. Home to over 19,000 residents, hundreds of businesses, and two nearby major hospitals, Matteson offers the best of suburban living. Matteson features a culturally diverse residential population, a growing business area with a vast amount of shopping, award-wining schools, surrounding universities, state-of-the-art community center and exceptional Village services.
For additional information on the Village of Matteson, visit our website at
The MFD operates with a full-time staff of 33 sworn Firefighter/Paramedics (FF/PM), a Fire Chief, a Deputy Chief and one full-time civilian employee, from two stations located at 3445 211th Street and 1015 Central Avenue.
The FF/PM performs duties in the areas of emergency medical, fire suppression, hazardous material, specialized technical rescue responses, fire prevention and public education activities. These duties are above average in physical and mental difficulty. The FF/PM is expected to maintain themselves, and all equipment in an “at ready status” to respond. Responses will be at all hours of the day and night and in all types of weather. The FF/PM position involves considerable public contact, preparation of thorough and complete written reports, reading comprehension and public speaking. FF/PMs are scheduled 24 hours on duty followed by 48 hours off duty.
The Matteson Fire Department offers opportunities to participate in specialty rescue teams: (CART, HazMat, USAR and Swift Water/Dive) and arson investigation.
Job Requirements

Citizenship: Must be a US citizen.
Age: At time of application must be 21 years of age and less than 35 years of age, unless otherwise exempted by Illinois statute. Proof of birth date is required at the time of application.
Driver’s License: Must possess a valid driver's license.
Height & Weight: Height and weight must be comparable for overall size and body structure.
General Physical Condition: Must be able to demonstrate physical ability and muscular coordination by possessing a CPAT with Ladder certification dated within the last 12 months, no later than at the time of the written examination. If you are in the process of obtaining CPAT with ladder certification, it must be submitted no later than at the oral interview (provided you receive a passing score on the written examination).
Character: Must be of good moral character and temperate habits. Background check, medical exam and psychological tests will be required for final applicants.
Education: Must have a High School diploma or GED equivalent at time of application.
Certification: Valid and current IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health) licensed Paramedic, or enrollment in an IDPH approved paramedic program, highly desired at the time of application.
Residency: Any Firefighter shall, within 24 months of beginning their employment and continuously thereafter, reside within the State of Illinois.
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